Results Massage  in Charlotte North Carolina provides a blend of  many techniques and specialties. Cross-technique utilization is what makes Results Massage a one of a kind experience.


Your Licensed Massage Therapist Candy Benish

I was born and raised in New Jersey where I married and had two incredible children with my former husband.   While in New Jersey, I worked for a very ethical law firm for many years. My family and I decided to move to Waxhaw in 2004 for all of the benefits of living in the south, most especially for the beautiful weather. Being a gardener, I am delighted for the longer growing season that North Carolina provides.

While working for an insurance defense firm uptown and commuting from Waxhaw, I attended massage therapy school on a part time basis at the Therapeutic Massage Therapy Institute in Dilworth. After graduating in 2009 and passing all of the requirements of licensure, I have had the opportunity to work for chiropractors, spas and clinics in the Charlotte area.

In June of 2013, I opened my private practice at 3349 Chilham Place, Charlotte 28226.

As a licensed massage therapist, I am so grateful at this time in my life to honestly say I found my calling.   I absolutely love what I do! Since 2009, I have taken over 572 hours of continuing education and traveled to Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maryland in order to study with the best teachers this country provides. My next classes will take me to South Carolina. So you see, it is an amazing journey that never ends!