Sports Massage

Golf Wiggensbach

Sports massage is for the weekend enthusiast or full-time athletes.  Together we will customize a massage for your particular sport.  With a focus on stressed and overused areas of the body, this modality is designed to get you back in the game feeling better as quickly as possible.

Lowering your chances of getting injured, improving flexibility, and an overall increase in your feelings of well-being are just some initial benefits of sports massage. Are you wondering if this type of massage is what you are looking for?  The actual definition of a sports massage is the targeted and strategic therapeutic treatment for the unique physical requirements of athletes. Many clients instead may need a myofascial release treatment which is the application of targeted, consistent pressure on soft tissue restrictions. Both of these massages are made to alleviate muscle tension and pain.

charlotte-run-clubThese treatments can also require more recovery time than a standard massage, for instance if you are a marathoner and come in for a massage I wouldn’t advise you to book within a 48-hour window of the race so you have ample time to nurse your sore muscles post-massage. You should focus on staying hydrated before and after the massage to give your muscles an optimal chance to snap back. I strongly recommend icing any sore areas that I worked on after your sport massage to help the tissue reorganize.  The ice is an important component of your recovery.

In conclusion, the sports modality of massage can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, increase flexibility and help you take a proactive approach in preparation of your body and mind for optimal performance.  After your event, it can reduce recovery time and lead to better sleep.  For any average person who enjoys bike riding, football, soccer, volleyball, gardening, golf, tennis, weight lifting, swimming etc., sports massage once a week, depending on your time and budget, may be the answer you have been searching for to help you enjoy your hobbies and get more accomplished around your home.