With over 7,200 nerve endings, the hands and feet are a treasure trove of pain relief.  Every major organ and many muscle groups of the body are joined through a network of nerves to a specific place on the feet.


By stimulating certain areas of the feet in the form of massage, the body begins to experience a good deal of relaxation and at the same time, clearing stagnation in the tissue and opening the energy channels.  For people who are on their feet all day, this is a very popular modality.  It is deeply relaxing and will rejuvenate the whole body.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering my massage therapy skills as part of a team of dedicated therapists at Presbyterian Hospital (main) in the cancer survivors unit.  Many times because of tubes and wires and such, the best place to offer some relief is the feet and/or hands.  This proved beneficial physically as well as emotionally for patients by reducing stress.  Because of the nature of their illness and surroundings, it is a form of welcome touch.