Neuromuscular Therapy

A trigger point is a knot of muscle tissue that can cause a stabbing pain or you may experience a dull ache.  Trigger points are capable of referring pain to other parts of the body, also.  For example, trigger points in the neck can cause migraine headaches.  Many times, clients do not even know there is relief for these areas of dysfunction found in their bodies.  It will free up the tissue to enable a better range of motion and provide pain relief.


Trigger point therapy is conducted with isolated pressure and release of the tissue.  You are required to participate by deep breathing and identifying the exact location and intensity level of the discomfort.  After one treatment, you can expect to experience a decrease in pain.


Problem with your hand or fingers? It could be caused by a nerve in your cervical spine. i.e. your neck. Have your therapist address the muscles in the cervical spine.


This is your cervical spine