Here are the Facts

  1. There are over 640 muscles in the human body.

  2. Muscles move the skeleton.

  3. Muscles can develop “trigger points” and we all have them.

  4. A trigger point is a bundle of muscle fibers that shortens the muscle and contracts it so it cannot do the job it was intended for.

  5. When you come to see me for trigger point work, we will work together to get the bundle of fibers to relax in order for the muscle to lengthen to work efficiently.

  6. If you follow my simple instructions for after care, you will feel better and your body will work more efficiently.

There are many different types of soft tissue work that fall under the category of “bodywork.” Under the heading of “bodywork” we are getting into different ways to increase your range of motion and get you out of pain and dysfunction.

Woman Receiving Back Massage in Spa Center

If you have a muscle that is not functioning properly, it will recruit surrounding muscles to do its work. This sets off a compensation pattern that you may not even realize is happening until you go to pick something up or your turn your head “the wrong way.” There is no wrong way, just muscles that are tired of working inefficiently and they let us know about it. We think we are getting old but no one told us we need regular maintenance on our muscles. If your muscles are in “compensation mode” it will make you tired and steal your energy! Worse than that, it can force you to give up that golf game or to stop walking or doing what you love.

We have to fight that every step of the way. Life is too good to miss, sitting on the sidelines! There’s hope. Call and make an appointment today to see if bodywork can help you get back in the game.